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    As our cat has newer been outside until yesterday, she doesn’t know what is bathing.
    From i understand, that it shouldn’t be difficult.
    The only question is what type of shampoo to use? Any types to avoid, any to look for?

    Thanks in advance!



    We are using “Espree Purr´N Natural”. Cat is happy 🙂



    I think the secret of getting cats to enjoy having a bath, or at the very least to tolerate having a bath, is to start doing it when they are very young. Then it becomes normal for them to have a bath.

    If your cat goes out and comes back covered in mud or muck of some kind (we had one who used to love to roll in cows poop), then there really seems little choice about whether you have to bathe them or not.

    We had another cat who was absolutely terrified of water. She would not even like the drips from the kitchen sink tap. She was a rescue cat and most probably had a terrible experience with water, which made her frightened for life. Some old farmers years ago would drown kittens in a bucket, rather than pay for the cost of having the cat spayed.

    Barbaric but true.

    However you do it, do it with gallons and gallons of TLC (tender loving care) and if they appear to be obviously terrified, I would be even more genlte, and kind to them.

    I always used a special cat shampoo from the vets, making sure not to get it into the cats eyes as it had some kind of anti-flea medication in the shampoo which would have stung her eyes.

    Hope this helps.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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