Month: February 2019

Bathing a cat

cat bathing

Many well-cared for cats are used to being bathed and do not scratch. The best is not to wait until your cat grows up and give it a bath while it is still a kitten. Otherwise, the experience of first bathing will be stressfull to both you and your feline.

Avoid getting water into the ears, nose and mouth. Choose a pet shampoo specifically labeled for use in cats, since human shampoo damages the structure of your cat’s hair as well as oil-glands. Some felines tolerate a hair dryer, but if your cat does not, simply pat it dry with a towel and lay it in a warm place where there is no draught.

Petersburg Sphynx – Peterbald

Peterbald sphynx

Your life will turn upside down after you meet a Petersburg Sphynx or a Peterbald. “What is this? A dog? A monkey? An alien? What happened to it? Did you shave it? What an ugly creature!!! What a cutie!” These are just several of thousands of questions and comments that the owner of a Peterbald will constantly hear.

Siamese cats

Siamese cat female

It’s said that the only certain thing in life is change. Well that certainly applies to the Siamese breed of cat. Over the years, selective breeding has radically changed the appearance of this beautiful and intelligent creature – from a…

Persian cats breed

These very popular and beautiful cats can be traced back to as early as 1684 BC although their precise geographical origin is a mystery. Almost everyone would recognize a Persian cat with its beautiful long flowing coat and sweet gentle…

Behaviour of Maine Coon cats

If you are having difficulties in deciding whether to get a cat or a dog, then this breed may well solve your problem. Maine Coon cats have a temperament and behave much more like dogs than cats. They are often…

History of Maine Coon Cats

The history of this breed of large felines has many interesting facets, including a possible link to the Royal cats of Marie Antoinette. There are some myths, which are genetically impossible, but add to the aura of mystery around this…

Maine Coon cats

Maine Coon female

As the name indicates, this breed of cat originates in the United State of America, in the Northeastern state of Maine. Given the enormous size of this cat, people may think they see the hand of humans in breeding the…

Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest Cat Portrait

If you are looking for a breed of cat or kitten that has not been engineered by man, then the Norwegian Forest Cat may be the one for you. If you enjoy a large furry fluffy armful of fun that…

Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish Fold

The rare and unusual Scottish Fold Cats are extremely popular, and demand usually far exceeds supply. This is because not all kittens will go on to develop the classic folds in the ears, which are the main identifying characteristic of this charming and rare breed. With this breed, the ears are folded down and forward on the head giving the impression of a barn owl, or a much loved and very huggable ‘teddy bear’.

Cornish Rex cats

Cornish Rex kitten

A Cornish Rex is a spectacular breed. The coat of a Cornish Rex is extremely fine and wavy, and it almost does not shed. These are particularly affectionate cats with an angelic disposition. History A Cornish Rex is an English…