• Some amazing pictures of Peretbald cats from Lithuanian Peterbald breeder

  • The Maine Coon is classified as a semi-longhaired feline and is distinguished from others primarily by its size, its bone structure, overall rectangular shape, and flowing thickly luxurious double coat. The […]

  • Assuming you are buying a cat, as opposed to a kitchen, you should be looking for a solid sturdy creature, with a silky coat that could best be described as being ‘shaggy’. The tail should be as long as, and […]

  • If you are having difficulties in deciding whether to get a cat or a dog, then this breed may well solve your problem. Maine Coon cats have a temperament and behave much more like dogs than cats. They are often […]

  • The history of this breed of large felines has many interesting facets, including a possible link to the Royal cats of Marie Antoinette. There are some myths, which are genetically impossible, but add to the aura […]

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    As the name indicates, this breed of cat originates in the United State of America, in the Northeastern state of Maine. Given the enormous size of this cat, people may think they see the hand of humans in breeding […]

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