Scottish Fold Cats

The rare and unusual Scottish Fold Cats are extremely popular, and demand usually far exceeds supply. This is because not all kittens will go on to develop the classic folds in the ears, which are the main identifying characteristic of this charming and rare breed. With this breed, the ears are folded down and forward on the head giving the impression of a barn owl, or a much loved and very huggable ‘teddy bear’.

These friendly and docile cats are usually medium sized, and have a soft rounded body, with big wide eyes full of kindness and love. When seen in profile, they have a short nose and rounded whiskers.

Their loving temperament is reflected by their sweet expressions. But don’t let this fool you; they are hardy cats, having been originally bred in the wilds of the often harsh climate of Scotland in the North of the United Kingdom.

These adorable creatures are not very vocal, usually having the softest of voices. They absolutely love to be around human companions and show their love in their own quiet and highly appealing ways.

Scottish Fold Cat

This breed of feline is highly adaptable as well as having a wonderful character. They are not known to be nervous, and the majority are equally at home in a household full of active children and other animals, as they would be as sole companion to a single person. They adjust very well to new circumstances and generally do not panic. They are not ‘highly-strung’ prima donnas of the feline world, and tend to take most things in their stride. This is another reason that this breed is so very popular.

Scottish Fold cats are available with normal, straight up ears too. Those with elaborate folds are usually reserved for breeding or showing. But if you are looking for a hardy, loveable, friendly, kind and gentle cat, with the sweetest disposition in the world, then look no further than the Scottish Fold.

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