Cornish Rex cats

A Cornish Rex is a spectacular breed. The coat of a Cornish Rex is extremely fine and wavy, and it almost does not shed. These are particularly affectionate cats with an angelic disposition.


A Cornish Rex is an English breed. The Cornish Rex is a genetic mutation that originated from a kitten born in the 1950’s in Cornwall. The kitten’s mother’s coat was straight and its father unknown. Various breeders became interested in the kitten and decided to produce a new breed with a curly coat. The Cornish Rex is an elegant long-legged cat with an elongated head. It was created by crossing domestic felines, the British Shorthair, the Siamese and the Oriental Shorthair. Eventually two types of the Cornish Rex became distinct: the European type and the American type. Both types differ in body build and in head form. The American Cornish Rex is smaller and more slender than the European variety. Besides it has longer legs and a Roman nose. The European Cornish Rex is usually larger in size, less skinny and has a straight nose.

Cornish Rex at the cat show


These friendly and affectionate cats love attention and enjoy being around people. If left alone they suffer, so if you are most of the time away get two cats. They live in harmony with other felines as well as well with dogs. The Cornish Rex has a reserved and peaceful disposition; it almost never scratches and is therefore a suitable pet for a child. It is a curious type of feline: it seeks the company of every guest in the house and once discovers somebody fond of cats tries to build a close friendship with him/her. The Cornish Rex is an intelligent, affectionate and curious cat that can be easily taught various tricks such as, for example, bringing a wad of paper. These pets readily get used to a lead. The Cornish Rex has a gentle disposition. Even though they are not as lively and playful as the Devon Rex, they still like climbing and playing. A pole for scratching claws as well as various toys will undoubtedly be of use. Generally these cats tend to stay at home and do not try to get outside.


The principal advantage of the Cornish Rex is its short, soft and hardly at all shedding coat. This is the reason why the breed is suitable to people who are allergic to cats’ hair or do not like to see the hair on their cloths and furnature. The Cornish Rex’s coat is rather easy to take care of: once a week groom it with a brush for children and occasionally use a dense comb. A rubber brush is very useful for collecting the sheded hair from the coat, but you must be extremely careful not to irreparably damage the coat itself. If you want your Cornish Rex to participate in a cat show, you can give your cat a bath (do not forget to use only truly good shampoo for cats!). Before evaluation starts, run over your cat’s coat with a damp shred of suede thus making its curls show better. Periodically cut the sharp ends of your cat’s claws and clean its ears with a special ear cleanser.

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