Breed summary – British Shorthair

The British Shorthair breed is one of the few breeds that seem to have everything going for it.
It is an intelligent breed, easily capable of learning a variety of tricks, and is able to communicate skilfully with its owner, whether by voice, or simply by being observant.

And whilst this breed enjoys human company enormously, it is of a fairly independent nature and calm personality, and will get by just fine if you have to leave your pet at home whilst you go out of the home to work. As long as he or she has the basic requirements, this obliging and friendly breed will be there, happy to welcome you home after a long day at the office.

A huge bonus for selecting a pet from this large category of felines is the absolutely incredible variety available in colours and patterns. There is surely a colour and pattern combination of British Shorthair to suit even the most demanding of owners.

Another plus in selecting this breed is that if you are thinking of acquiring a cat to help control the population of mice that is inevitable in some older properties, then the British Shorthair is the breed for you. They are renowned for their incredible hunting skills dating back to Roman times.

Many years ago I owned a ginger tabby British Shorthair. I came home from work one evening to discover that Herbie (so named as my father had decided he was ‘a right little ‘erbert’ i.e. very naughty) had caught not one, but two pigeons. After dragging them through the cat flap, he had chased them all around the apartment for hours, depositing the finally dead and almost featherless bodies on my pillow. But not before covering every single surface in every single room with a liberal coating of pigeon feathers. I could have stuffed ten pillows from the feathers created by Herbie’s exploits that day alone. This incident took place when Herbie was about three months old. He was just a kitten, and the birds were both much bigger than him. How he got them through the cat-flap I will never know.

The British Shorthair cat is the ideal choice for a family cat. They do not generally pick favourites, and tend to be family cats, enjoying bonding with every member of the family rather than just one.

Dog lovers often say that cats have no loyalty in an effort to turn cat lovers into dog lovers. In my vast experience with British Shorthairs, this is utterly and completely untrue. They are loyal, faithful and affectionate without being too demanding, which in my book makes them the ideal family pet.

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