British Shorthair Show Standards

The category of British Shorthair cats is a hugely popular section in most cat shows. There are such a vast number of coat colours and pattern combinations possible, it is always one of the biggest sections at all major cat shows.

This probably also has something to do with this breed having relatively easy coats to prepare for shows, and their easygoing nature, which means that many actually enjoy participating in cat shows. The fact that this is often the biggest section at cat shows means that there is always stiff competition from other breeders, and the standards set are always very high.

British Shorthairs have coats which are very thick, and luxurious. They are often described by breeders as being ‘cracking’ or ‘crisp’. This refers to the manner in which the fur drapes over the muscles and bones of the cat’s body.

Specific characteristics that are demanded at cat shows are large round copper coloured eyes. The head should be round with quite large, ‘chubby’ cheeks. British Shorthairs are a very sturdy and muscular breed. They should have a wide body, from hips to chest, with relatively short legs, rounded paws and a smooth plush tail that is not at all fluffy.

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