About Maine Coon Cat Breed

Maine Coons really do live up to their name of being gentle giants. They are hugely intelligent, fiercely loyal, and highly communicative. For families who may be divided as to whether a dog or a cat would fit in best with your lifestyle, the Maine Coon really is the best of both worlds.

They are generally not ‘lap’ cats, but enjoy your affection and will follow you around the home, with all-knowing and very curious eyes. They are more dexterous than most dogs and generally do not have an aversion to playing with water, indeed they love it and often upturn their water bowl while playing with the irresistible contents. Don’t be surprised to find your Maine Coon perched on the edge of the sink in the kitchen completely mesmerised by the dripping of the tap. Water intrigues this breed and they find water play amusing.

Maine Coons as a breed are available in a vast amount of colours and patterns; they are a hardy and long-lived cat that will form a very special bond with every member of the family. Teaching Maine Coons is simple since they are highly intelligent, learning a variety of games and tricks, from simple ‘fetch’ to opening the door to let themselves out. Maine Coons are not just any ordinary cat.

Whichever school of thought you subscribe to as regards the heritage of this breed, one thing is for sure, they are guaranteed to exceed all your expectations and then some.

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