Maine Coon Show Standards

The Maine Coon is classified as a semi-longhaired feline and is distinguished from others primarily by its size, its bone structure, overall rectangular shape, and flowing thickly luxurious double coat. The standards mentioned here is what judges at cat shows would look for when judging a Maine Coon.

Having evolved in a harsh climate, this breed’s background of domesticated cat in a somewhat harsh countryside environment is mirrored in the characteristic appearance of this breed. These cats should have a sturdy and rugged appearance, with the alertness of a seasoned hunter and a coat that protects against both rain and snow.

The head should be medium sized, with the bridge of the nose being the same distance away from the ear line as the tip of the nose. Older males will usually have the appearance of jowls, or double chins of fur, hanging from the lower jaw.

The nose should the mostly square with a firm chin. The cheeks are fairly full on this breed with high cheekbones and a level bite. Acceptable eye colours for show cats of this breed are all shades of green, gold or copper. Only pure white cats may have odd or blue eyes in show cats of the Maine Coon breed.

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