Cat food

In comparison with dogs, felines require more meat. Although some cats may have strange dietary habits, most of them dislike porridges or similar foods.

If you want to prepare food for your cat yourself, you have to know exactly what your feline’s dietary requirements are as well as to be aware of the composition of various products.

Cat eating

Over many years manufacturers have created various types of high quality cat food. This type of food guarantees that your cat will get all the necessary nutrients. Choose cat food without preservatives, because some felines are allergic to it. Do not feed your cat with pork, because pork can be infected with bacteria causing fatal Aujeszky’s disease

A lot of cats love milk, but milk can cause diarrhea, because most felines cannot digest lactose present in unsterilized dairy products. Sometimes you can treat your cat with evaporized milk or sterilized cream. Pet shops have already started selling milk specifically for cats.

Most felines eat as much as they need, therefore, feed them when they ask. Cats should always have access to a bowl of clean drinkable water, which should be changed daily.
Provide your feline with the best possible nutrition. After all, your cat is a member of your family!

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