Bathing a cat

Cat bathing

Many well-cared for cats are used to being bathed and do not scratch. The best is not to wait until your cat grows up and give it a bath while it is still a kitten. Otherwise, the experience of first bathing will be stressfull to both you and your feline.

Avoid getting water into the ears, nose and mouth. Choose a pet shampoo specifically labeled for use in cats, since human shampoo damages the structure of your cat’s hair as well as oil-glands. Some felines tolerate a hair dryer, but if your cat does not, simply pat it dry with a towel and lay it in a warm place where there is no draught.

If your cat does not like bathing, clean it with a special sent-free powder, which absorbes dirts and excess oil. Sprinkle the powder on your feline’s coat and rub in. Then keep brushing the coat until the powder is gone.

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