Siamese cats

It’s said that the only certain thing in life is change. Well that certainly applies to the Siamese breed of cat. Over the years, selective breeding has radically changed the appearance of this beautiful and intelligent creature – from a round faced robust and gorgeous blue eyed beauty, into an emaciated skinny bat-eared shadow of its former self – but still with those mesmerizing almond shaped bright blue eyes.

Siamese cat

Siamese cats are small to medium in size and elegant slim cats with a very long body, neck and tail. Although there are now two very different types of Siamese, they are both classified as the Siamese breed official, despite being so very different in appearance.

It is simple to spot a Siamese cat just by looking at the very distinctive shading on their coat and that, coupled with the almond shaped eyes makes it even easier. They are not fluffy or long haired when true to breed, and have very sleek silky fur with patches of colour, called ‘points’ on their ears, nose, feet and often tail.

The coloured ‘points’ especially on the nose and face are usually in stark contrast to the rest of the cat’s body. Probably one of the most well known by people is the Seal Point Siamese which has a pale champagne/fawn colour body, with dark brown patches on the nose and face and feet.

The Chocolate Point Siamese Cat was the second colour, which gained recognition, with their creamy white coat and milk chocolate colour points on the nose, face and feet. Followed by the Blue Point and then the Lilac Point. More recent colours which have been brought into vogue are the Tortie Point and the Red.

Despite the start contrast between the traditional ‘Applehead’ Siamese and the ‘Wedgehead’ the new sleek modern version of the traditional Siamese is also very popular. Cat breeders have retained the intelligence, grace and conversational skills of the Traditional breed, but physically, they are completely unrecognizable as being Siamese to those of us who are used to what is now called “The Applehead Siamese”.

The new sleek skinny Siamese is called either the “Modern Siamese” or “Wedgehead” due to its very delicate bones. It is this type which is shown by most breeders at cat shows. There are breeders of both types of Siamese cat in the UK but first, use the pictures here on to decide which of the two types you prefer. They are so radically different that you may dislike one or the other, so make sure first.

Either Siamese have very similar traits to many dogs – they are loyal and faithful, they love to play ‘fetch’ and they are very vocal, carrying on whole conversations with you even if you just glance at them. They certainly let you know when they want something and make very playful and sometimes quite mischievous pets.

Another distinct and interesting trait of the Siamese is its ability to ‘talk’ and communicate with humans. These are very people friendly companion cats and love to spend time with their owners. Many are real ‘lap cats’.

Who could forget the haunting Disney song sung by a pair of Siamese cats in the film The Lady & The Tramp which totally encapsulates the personality of this naughty if ignored (but beautiful) breed of feline friend.

“We are Siameez if you please. We are Siameez if you don’t please. There are no finer cats than we am – from Siam”.

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