Persian cats breed

These very popular and beautiful cats can be traced back to as early as 1684 BC although their precise geographical origin is a mystery. Almost everyone would recognize a Persian cat with its beautiful long flowing coat and sweet gentle nature, along with huge eyes and squashed in nose. These creatures love a peaceful and serene environment but with lots of TLC (tender loving care) and reassurance they will blend into most lifestyles.

Persian cat

Their large expression loaded eyes speak volumes, and they have a quiet musical voice which they use to communicate. They are stocky short-legged beauties with heavy bones with short broad bodies. Generally, they do not much care for climbing and jumping, preferring to keep all four furry feet on the ground!

Whilst Persian cats are playful they are rarely demanding. Persians are very responsive to human interaction and are loyal and a pleasant ray of sunshine in the lives of their owners.

Their very long luxurious coats demand that they are mostly indoor creatures who enjoy their owners’ companionship and comfort. At least daily combings are required to keep tangles and matting to a minimum. Only attempt a bath for cats if the routine is started at a very young age.

Your Persian Cat will be a treasure you will want to protect, so keeping him or her indoors will protect from transmission of diseases as well as the many dangers of modern urban living, including most road traffic accidents, which mostly happen at night.

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