Behaviour of Maine Coon cats

If you are having difficulties in deciding whether to get a cat or a dog, then this breed may well solve your problem. Maine Coon cats have a temperament and behave much more like dogs than cats. They are often called the ‘gentle giants’ of the feline world and love to be around people.

Even ordinary common or garden ‘moggies’ are intelligent and fairly easy to train and teach. Maine Coons are hugely more intelligent than regular cats. They are also easier to teach. This breed of cat may be looked upon as more of a companion than a pet. They love to be with humans, and treat them as their ‘best friends’ showing great devotion and loyalty. They also show the greatest of affection and general appreciation towards their human friends.

They are very dexterous and use their front paws a great deal. It is nothing unusual for them to use their paw to dip into their food bowl and then to lick the food from the paw. Being so ‘handy’ with their paws means that many easily learn things like how to open doors, turn on water taps and even to pick up small objects in their paws.

Another unusual aspect of Maine Coons is that they are able to ‘sing’ or rather to combine their purring with their voice, thus creating a kind of ‘trilling’ sound, which they use to communicate with their companions. They usually make this sound when they are very happy, or if they are startled or surprised by something, as well as to let you know what they want.

Eating alone is something this breed dislikes. They enjoy being around other cats or their human friends when enjoying a meal. Generally, this breed prefers being near its human friends, rather than being cats that like sitting on their owners lap. This may be to do with their size, and of course, there are some variables here, since each Maine Coon has its very own disposition and personality.

Something else that may surprise you about this breed is that they enjoy water. They may dip their paws in and out of their water bowl, licking the water from their paws rather than drinking from the bowl, or even dunk a favourite toy in the bowl. Some play with their bowls to the extent of knocking it over. Others sit in the bath and muse for hours at the leaking tap, dipping their paws under the trickle.

This breed of cat is highly intelligent as a rule, and gets bored fairly easily. Maine Coons have been known to be quite mischievous when bored, and get up to tricks like purposely knocking items off tables or counter tops, just to grab your attention.

The game of ‘fetch’ is popular with most every Maine Coon. They will bring their favourite toy or ball and deposit it at the feet of their selected friend, and wait for the ball or toy to be thrown. They will then race off and retrieve it bringing it back to the feet of their friend once again.

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